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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten questions on Tuesday!

21. Has your pet ever been a mother or a father? Yes, I has been a mother. I is such a good mother that the beans called me "uber mom".

22. Is your pet trained? No, we cats TRAIN the beans.

23. What is the comment you hear most often about your pet? People always complement my emerald green eyes and soft, gray fur.

24. Does your pet like anyone besides you? Yes, I love my beans and most of the other kittehs except for Mr. G. He bullies some of the girls so we hided from him.

25. What kind of food does your pet eat? We eat Felidae- both dry and moist.

26. Do they drink tap, filtered, or store-bought water? We drink usual tap water from a Drinkwell 360 pet drinking fountain.

27. Where do they sleep at night? Anywhere we want to but we do love to sleep on the beans big bed wif them.

28. What is their favorite thing to do outside? We don't go outside. We iz not allowed.

29. Is your pet hyper? No. I iz calm kitteh as is most of the Castle Cats. Only G and the kittens get really hyper and energetic. Then watch out.

30. Do you dress your pet up? No, we iz not into fashion. What could be better than our usual velvety furs, anyway?

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Amy and The House of Cats said...

Yay more great questions and answers - we love reading these! And we agree that your green eyes and pretty furs are so beautiful to see!!