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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

Alexi says:
Molly's kittens are being taught by us Castle cats that it's very important
to explore their surroundings before resting, even if it's a bean's back.

Pee Ess: We's very sorry we haven't posted for a while. Our staff has been alternately busy and lazy. We hope that we can cure them of this.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A birthday! Woweee!

Today is my seventh birthday! I can't believe it as I've nefer been seven before. My beans and siblings are throwing a party for me. Efurrycat, woofie, and bun are invited.
The beans (aka staff) are serving:

nip tea

Nip brandy (for the mancats)






As far as what I want for my birthday goes, I hope that all those who are having surjeries this week get through them and have smooth recuperations. Do come join us for this party! It'll be the cat's meow!

Happy Easter!

Mombeam loves to work in the yard when she has time. We thought these pictures of a part of her garden shows the work she put into creating the flower bed in front of our old house. As you can tell, roses are among her favorite flowers. It reminds our beans of the flowered cross at the church. Happy Easter, everybuddy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Galetta, aka Dolce, says: Watching these beans fawn ofur me is fun!
Perhaps I should change it to make ofur me
as "fawn" makes it sounds like I'm in fafur of vishus deer kittens.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New floofy man cat at the Castle!

Alexi: Roo-mer has it that there is new kitty- a floofy at the Castle! Olivia has played pawsies underneath the door with this new mancat. Hmmmm? A FLOOFY ??? like Fin? Mombean, do you have a pic of this new floofy kitty?? When do we get to meet him?

Mombean: Alexi, this new floofy is a Nebelung. He is neutered 6 month old man cat. His name is Galetta and he is from Le Pors Cattery in Canada. When he has been checked by our v-e-t, I will allow him to introduce himself to the other cats at the Castle. For now, here is a picture of him as a younger kitten.

We are thinking of adding a second name as we like our cats' call names to end with a long "ee" sound. We were thinking "Dolce" because he is so sweet. Any suggestions ?

Enjoy everyone!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Help, all! I'm in a battle of cuteness with Fin at the Kitty Fight Club! Fin is so pretty and cute--how can a slinky dare to win against a lovely floofy. Here's some photos I should have sent in to Misha. I need your vote to win!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday-life wifout the innernets!

Alexi says:
My Meezer Rule for today is:
Life wifout the innernets is NO FUN!

How else can we blogging kitties keep in touch?
NOTICE my pout! Mom bean and Blu Cat Man were NOT happy to find out that somthang had happened to their internet serfice. Worked yesterday then this morning- NOTHING!! YIKES! MOM BEAN ! HALLP!!!! MUST GET IT BAK! NOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in bloggysfeer withdrwal!!

Mombean's note:
Alexi, stop being so dramatic ! It was only for a few hours. After much frustration and several phone calls, AT&T decided to send out an AT&T technician. WOWSIE! Did we get lucky or what? Not only did he figure out the problem (Blu Cat Man had upgraded our service and AT&T had not yet changed the "port" so we could not get on the internet because AT&T could not recognize our computer) but the technician got the right "port" for us TODAY (was not scheduled until FRIDAY!!!) and we are upgraded to 6 megs of service ! It is a lot faster now. Also, he checked the box outside and found that our ground wire needed to be changed. Did that as well.

ALL for no charge as we are AT&T customers and the "problem" was their fault for not getting the correct port upgraded in time. WOOHOO!!

PS this is an old picture but hey how many pics of your cats near the computer do you have ??