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Friday, October 5, 2012

Frootbat Friday!! Show me some eers!

Hi All,
I thought I would show you my ears or as it is called in the cat fancy- ear set.

Here are a couple of  pictures of me as a kitten.

In this picture, I am  about 5 months old. Good jumper from the start!

Here I am slightly older at about 10 months old 

Here I am at about a year old. 

  Here I am as a senior cat!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LIVE STRONG Today and always!

We is remembering some of our furriends today who have gone to the bridge because of the *big C*.

First off is our beloved Annie of da  Castle. She was a grate cat. We all luvved her especially Mombean!! I wuz her bestest furriend for years! I miss Annie.... sigh.......  She had squamus sell carceenoma on her face. It eventually interfered with her eating. So sad.... Here are lovely pics of her.

Annie at the bridge. 

Here we are sharing a bed soon after Annie came to da Castle.

Another furriend gone due to the *big C* 
Sweet Praline is another furriend and fellow South Carolina cat  that has died of the *big C*

CB withdrawal!!

Hey  All,
Mombean is going into searious cat bloggysfear wifdrawul. Sigh. These beans- what small and uninteresting lives they have.  They shuld be more like us  cats. What it not to like about a life where you have slaves do your bidding, three meals a day, all the sleep and playtime a kit culd want?  Sounds good to me. Why is it necessary to meet stwangers on the innerwebs for *talk*? how weeerd!!

Think I will take a nap...............