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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy purrfday Olivia!

Welcome to Olivia's purrthday party drop-in!  Be sure to say hello to Annie, Alexi and the rest. Here are photos of Annie when she was younger.

Olivia and Katie chasing the laser pointer



Olivia's kittens

For food we have animal crackers


Chocolate cake for da beans


Honey-roasted chick-hen




Drop-in birthday party for Olivia and Mallory remembrance

Today, we are throwing a party for Olivia who is celebrating her birthday today!  Annie is for this, and she still has a good appetite.  We will also remember Mallory who died last July.  Both honorees are daughters of Annie - Olivia being the most recent and Mallory was from Annie's first litter.

The party will be a drop-in style party from 4 to 8 so that Annie can still get her rest.  Do come!


Olivia and her daughter, Mia


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update on Annie

Annie is still eating, purring, and being friendly.  The beans are going to get some more clindamycin and talk to the vet about steroids.  We were also told we might have to go to an oncologist, and that even after the carcinoma is removed, there is a very good possibility of it returning.  We have already mentioned the possible taking of part of Annie's jaw.  As of now, we're letting her eat (her appetite is still healthy at this point), sleep, and purring.  Last night, she lay on their stomachs, not at the same time, obviously, and purred away and loved them up.

We and the beans cannot thank you enough for all the kind words, purrs, grrs, and prayers.  We are also extremely grateful for the wonderful graphic above made by Mom Ann of Zoolatry.  Please keep all the purrs, grrs, and purrayers coming.  We feel their effect and we love all of you and the entire Cat Blogosphere!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Purrs and Grrs Request for our dear Annie

We are sad at the Castle tonight and ask for purrs, grrs and prayers for our dear Annie and for guidance for Mombean and Blu Cat Man.  Our beloved Annie has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and metastasis is a concern.   Beans have limited green papers for proper care and it is possible that part of her jaw may have to be removed.  We understand that this carcinoma is very aggressive and there may be a time when Annie will have to be assisted to the Bridge.  Please pray for us all.  Here are pictures of Annie when she was younger.

Alexi and Annie



Annie and Mallory

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy purrthday, Olivia! Beans, you are bad beans!

Today we celebrate Olivia's birthday! Lots of food and fun!  
For the beans! 

Sling the food break the plates,  
That is what the beans will hate!

Ride the fan, cough up hairballs,
This will send the beans up the walls!

Do this all while we party,
For Olivia, hale and hearty!

So let's not dilly nor shall we dally,
After our naps, we will rally.

We'll eat some more,
To drop it on the floor!

So let's get started, let's get going!
It's Olivia's party we are throwing!

The purrthday girl, Olivia!

Olivia is quite pretty!  Just in case you mancats are wondering, she's single!

For early arrivals, eggs and bacon!!!

Two massive buffets!


Roast leg of lamb!

Honey roasted chick-hen

Two types of salmon!

Real live dead shrimps!





Olivia's purrthday cake!

We throw a bone to the beans with choc'lit cake



More tea!



More niptinis!

'Nip cigars!

Catnip in various forms!

After eating and trashing, snooze on the porch!

Or on the floor.

Several cats like the porch.