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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Castle Trashing Party!!

Hey All kitties !

The beans will be away dis weekend. Since they forgotted Mallory's purrthday, don't ya think we should be allowed to have a castle trashing party??? OK !! YAAA!!!! Mombean agreed and starting Friday AM, come on over to the castle for some house trashingfun.

There is plenty of room for naps, lots of furniture to scratch and destroy, curtains to climb and lots of delicious food. so COME ON OFUR AND JOIN DA FUN !!!!

Mallory's birthday yesterday! (We forgotted)

Yesterday was Mallory's birfday and we forgotted!! As you can see Mallory is a wonderful Russian Black. She's also very sweet!

Here's Mallory and her mommy, Annie? Can you tell who's who?

These are two of Mallory's kittens!

Two more of Mallory's kittens! Surprise! They're blue!

Mallory enjoys the sun! Mallory, we love you and are
sorry we forgotted your birthday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mem-meowrial Day!

In memory of our grand dad beans who were US Navy veterans,
and in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our country,

In honor of those brave men and women who defend our liberty efurry day,
we want to salute you and say "Thank you!"

Saturday, May 23, 2009


WE AGREE! Hugs make teh werld go round !!
We luv HUGS! We cats are wunderful at HUGS!! OK, efurrybuddy HUG efurryone you know !
An Especially ::::BIG HUG :::: to ML for her purrthday from all of us at de Castle!!


Happy Purrthday, ML!
You does so much for all of us. Wees apprecheeateit !!!
Charlie Taylor is lucky to have such a wunderful mommy bean.

Love from all the Castle Cats!

Friday, May 22, 2009


All of us at teh Castle are hi-five-ing and doing three cheers for Barb TODAY!
Cause she has shown real love for her kittehs and esp teh new addition Whitey!
Who is one lucky kitteh!

Mombean has suggested that every Friday be HI- FIVE Friday! I fink that is grate IDEER!
That way we can cheer/ hi five those people who help others in need... whether they halp kittehs, woofies, buns or beans. What da yall fink?? let me know and leave your ideers.

FANKS!, Alexi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fankful Fursday!

I have much to be thankful for esp my handsome boyfurriend, Misha. Isn't he gorgeous??? He was sooooo sweet and did a post about me and my fambly at his place, The World according to Misha, . I am also fankful for teh rest of my fambly esp my buddie, Annie (Russian Black).

Below Misha's picture, there is a picture of another boyfurriend, Chorale. The sire of my son, Bug, and my daughter Tat. Both are such handsome boy cats. Every girl kitteh should be so lucky!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

My rule for today is:
When ya are too tired for werds, a nap is always a GOOD IDEER!
Enjoy your snooze!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


WHEW !! What a par-tay ! Many FANKS to everybuddy who came to my par-tay! It was a wunderfull first purrthday!


Sunday, May 17, 2009


YAAAYY! TODAY is MY purrthday
and we is having a PAR-TAY for MOI.

MANY FANKS to the Zoolatry bean, Ann, for the beeutiful grafic.

WATHER UPDATE: It is not raining at the moment. YAAY! A bit of sunshine for my purrthday. Still rain is in de forecast... so be sure to bring umbrellees so ya don't get wet when telly-porting home or over to the Castle. We have an umbrellee stand just in side the front door. Here is what is on the menu.


HAM! Fanks to Cheysuli and Gemini!




Need something to warm your innards??
Help yourself to a cup of steaming cat nip tee !!

For the youngsters amung us..... milk !

What goes better with milk than purrthday cake?
Not just any cake but the

MANY FANKS to KC and ML for bringing catnip ice cream !
:::lick! lick! lick!::: YUMMY!

Look what Samantha, Mr. Tigger, and Maverick brought .......
Snickerdoodles (with catnip!)

There is still plenty of food and now more sweet treats thanks to our Fl Furriends.

Hope everybuddy is enjoying themselves. If you get too tired to telly port home, there are plenty of places to take a nap. It is a wonderful day !!


Olivia's big day

Like Grandmother, like granddaughter.
Mallory and Olivia both have puurthdays in May
Mallory's purrthday is May 27th. Mallory will be 6 years old.
Olivia celebrates her first purrfday tomorrow, May 18th!
She wants everycat (woofie and bun) to come to a party tomorrow
to help celebrate her big day (and Mally's a little earlee).

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photo Hunters

Today's Photo Hunter theme is: In Memory. We are dedicating this post to the memory of Evita who went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 21, 2008. On the left, she and Jetta are
are wondering if a chipmunk taste like chicken.

Evita loved to be brushed, stroked, and was, most of all, the queen of the Castle!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Hi All,

It is me Galleta, floofy mancat at the Castle. Mombean finally has time to post! So she is halping me do a post about ME ! For floofy friday!! YEAH!!

As you can see my new beans really luv me ! That is Bu Cat Man holding me ! I am settling in nicely at teh Castle. The castle cats like me all rite. I maded furriends with Olivia and Molly's two boys!

Mombean plans on showing me in TICA and ACFA. I will keep you posted on my show career! Below my pic is a pic of really bee-u-tee-ful show quality Nebelungs. Enjoy!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

My Mombean and Blu Cat Man love to garden and they love plants of all types. They do not love weeds, though. I love pretty plants, too, and I must inspect all new items.

Here Annie and I check out a new plant. This is very curious.

Mombean and Blu Cat Man went to a rose nursery,Witherspoon Roses, yesterday and inspected all the roses and bought a few of these pictured below.
The roses are beautiful aren't they? They bought 2 Sheila's Perfume, R.K. Witherspoon, Fragrant Cloud (tree rose) and a miniature, Winsome, for Blu Cat's Mom (Mom's day is next Sunday in the USA). Check out pics of the roses they bought at Witherspoon Roses by searching on the name.

This is R. K. Witherspoon, I think.
This is Julia Child.

Today, I will rest and help Mombean look through more garden catalogs. She might help me
set up our new laptop 'puter! Please join me in looking at and enjoying our garden!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Memorial Day

In honor of all who served our country, with
a special thought to the families and memories
of those who gave their lives protecting our freedom.