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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Silly is now a Tar Heel!

Krasota Siriusly Silly, our chief roustabout, has gone to a new home in North Carolina. We, his staff, believe he will be happier in a home with fewer cats, (there's only one other cat), and will adjust well there. We, the staff of Krasota Castle, miss him and we've already noticed how quiet the castle is without his antics, and generally cavorting (or is it catvorting?) around. We post these photos in tribute to Silly and send him our love and best wishes.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

ACFA Cat show--Concord, NC

We are off to another show next weekend. This is another ACFA show but it is in Concord, North Carolina. It will be at the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center. The show is Cape Catteras Cat Show and the Southeast Regional Awards Banquet. The Tar Heel Cat Fanciers, a new ACFA club is hosting the show. We and the cats are looking forward to it. Showing their stuff will be Alexi, Midnight, and Dani. Dani shows how happy he is about going to this show!

ACFA Cat shows

There has been a question about scoring of the ACFA shows. As readers of this blog know, the cats went to a show in March and will go to another this next weekend...more about that later. We refer anyone who's interested in the American Cat Fanciers Association, their shows, and more can find it here.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The cats are not happy that their webmaster hasn't had any posts since March! They don't understand that taxes were due. They did know that their human grandmother died and they did help Mom get through that process by being thoroughly loving. Their mom is also helping plan and put on an ACFA cat show in North Carolina in two weeks!
Silly, our chief roustabout, is about to go to a new home and while some of the cats are happy about that, the webmaster and his wife know they will miss him. Today, he climbed into the washing machine. Veronica had three kittens this afternoon as well! Mom and children are doing well. We'll attempt to have photos of the children soon.
Below is Veronica the proud mother. This is Dani, the proud father.