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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

What iz more wunndey-ful than bebbeh kitties? Nuttin !!
Here iz more pics of Olivia and babbehs.

Olivia's kittens 5 days old

Another arrangement of babbehs!

Kittens love to snooze!

Must keep my babehs clean!!

Of course a gal needs to keep herself clean!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Momma Monday!

Those kitties that are our FB furriends already know that Olivia hadded 5 kittens last Wednesday Sept. 21st. Yep. Olivia birthed 5 kittens while da beans were at the steeple place doing some meowing (i fink hoomans call it singing). Olivia and Teddy are proud parents of 5 babies- 3 black and 2 blue. Here are some pickyshurs for your enjoyment.

Day 1
Notice she hadded the kittens on the bed in the nursery. Sigh...
Mombean is glad that she did not-ted have da babies on their bed.

Blue kitten- first day !
Look at that bee-u-tee-ful coat !

Day 3

Mom is snoozing more as she relaxes with her babehs.
Notice that she has been moved to where Mombean hadded prepared a nest for her.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surprise pawtay at Galletta's bloggie

Today is Galletta's purrthday! We are throwing a pawty at him's bloggie!!! He does not kno this yet as him is sleeping. Everycat come ofur and we'll surprise him. YAY!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Tomorrow is Galletta's purrfday. We is planning a surpurrise purrfday pawty on him's bloggie. Everyone come. Shhh. Don't let him kno.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Puurthday Mombean!

Oh, hi!

Mombean! Happy purrfday!!! We loves you! Welcome one and all to the purrfday party for Mombean!

We haf lots of food for kitties and humans. Kitty and hooman food includes:

Sah-mun (a fav among beans. There are separate servings so we don't get beans' cooties).




Bran-dee (for da mancats)

Nip-tinis (for da ladycats)


lamb (Mombean luvs lamb)


organic catnip (for cats not beans!)

milk (Mombean luvs milk)

Chock-a-lot cake! (Mombean's fav!!!)

Efurryone come and help us celebrate Mombean's purrthday!!!

Surprise Partay update! Good morning Mombean!


We cats, with the aide of Blu Cat Man, are throwing a Surprise birthday party at you. Please check back wif us after you all come home from the steeple place. We wants you to be able to rest and relax and kick your paws back for awhile! In the mean time here's something to tide you over fur brekkyfast. Save us some!
We are going to crawl all ofur you today 'accuse we love you! Oh, for da partay, we will blindfold you wit our tails and lead you to the party!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Surprise Partay! What a SURPRIZE!

Tomorrow is Mombean's purrfday! We wants to haf a special surprise purrfday fur hers tomorrow. We wuld luv fur you to come by and wish her a happy purrfday. So come tomorrow! We will haf hooman and cat foods. Also visit Galletta. He'll do something, too. And don't tell Mombean!!

Lots of luv to you!