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Friday, June 29, 2012

Annie and auction update

Hi All,
Annie is still with us. She sleeps a lot and is getting thin. Finally, mombean has figured out to get Chip In to work.  So we  now has a Chip In button. You can pay via paypal  too. The auction is going well. So we fanks all of you who have bidded for items.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Annie and auction/donation update

Hello All
Annie is doing ok. She is not eating as much, still drinking, not as active and is sleeping more. We are still giving aunty-bee-ah-ticks twice a day. She does not like it. The bleeding is not any worse but still occurs.

Auction update- Fanks zoo much to efurryone who donated items. Mombean has set of Royal Canin cat books to donate. Does anyone fink some buddy might be interested? If so, mom bean will find outt how to put them in the auction.

Donation update- Mombean can't get the chip in site to set up an account for us. Sigh.  We does have a paypal account and a paypal donate button.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Latest Annie update

Annie is a fighter!  She has not crossed the Bridge as yet.  This afternoon the vet told Mombean that Annie's eyes look good.  She ate and drank earlier today and she also climbed up to the cubbyhole in the top of the cat tree.  So we are going to maintain caring for her.  We can't thank you enough for all the purrs, grrs and prayers.  Keep them coming!  Love, Blu Cat Man, Mombean, the Castle Cats, and Annie!

Annie update

To all our cat loving friends in the CB. Today maybe the  day we  take Annie to the vet for the last time. When I woke up this morning, there was large blood stain on the bedspread. We looked for Annie and found her. We gave her meds to her. She wanted to eat and then went out on the porch. When I checked on her, there was more blood  on the cabinet where she  jumped and again  near her in the bed where she was.  I think the cancer has gotten so large that it  bleeds easily. I wonder what quality of life she may have now. I will be calling the vet today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Annie/Mombean update

Hi All,
Annie  bled more from her mouth this morning after she gotted her medicine.  That is what makes the beans wonder how much longer she has wif us. Annie  is active but we wonder how much longer she will be able to eat if the cancer  continues to get worse. She still like to be around us kits esp her daughter, Olivia  and granddaughter, Mia.  They often lie togefur/near one another in a black pile.

We appreciates efurryones concern for us and da beans. Mom's job is ending cuz it is a temporary adjunct position. Even so, spending half her meager paycheck on gas money does not make sense. Given the hours she works,  she is making less than minimum wage. So she really wants to find a job in our town.  Much less commuting costs and hopefully less stress worrying about things that should be done but people don't want to pay to do it. If any of you has been adjunct, you probably understands esp if you have taught somewhere they don't get what it takes to teach.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Annie update: she is still with us

Hi All, I think I over reacted  to the bleeding when she gets her antibiotics.  I hate that her mouth sometimes. It must hurt. SO we took Annie to our vet this afternoon.  He said if she is till wanting to groom and is licking her food, it is not her time. Instead we got more antibiotics. We don't how much longer we have with her but we love her until the end.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sad news!

The beans have decided that tomorrow Annie will be helped to the bridge. Also, several of  if not the rest our cats will be given to a local shelter as we can no longer afford the cats given that mom bean's job comes to an end in 2 weeks and we will probably start paying for Dad bean's mom's care out of our own pockets as she does not qualify for Medeecade. sigh. very sad news over at da castle. Mom bean has been crying.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Annie's purrthday


We apologize for being so tardy in posting.  My best buddie, Annie, is doing well.  She is taking her antibiotics and eating and drinking which, to us and the beans, are good signs.  We are very happy she has made it to her 10th birthday!!  She is purring, too!


Thank you all very much for my purrs and prayers.  I feel them and appreciate them.  Please keep them up!  I love you all as do the beans!