National Animal Interest Alliance

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rosy basket for new cat bloggers......

It cans be hard to keep up wif all the new blogging kittehs and der beans. So we decided to welcome all those new cat bloggers wif a rosee baskit of flowrs.  Enjoy and please take "home" to your bloggy. And a meowy welcome from all of us at da Castle! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten kweshuns on Tooosday MEME!

We woold like to hafs lots of kits play this meme. For those  who don't know how to play along with a meme, just copy the kweshuns and answer on your own bloggy.   Have funs!

11. Indoor or outdoor ?

12. Does you have a nickname?

13. Describe yourself in seven words or less. Or better yet have your hooman typist do it!!

14. Is you like a member of the family?

15. What are some favorite toys that you play with ?

16. Be honest...... does your hooman play wif  YOUR toys?

17. What is your favorite toy?

18. What is your favorite sleepin' position? fotos always apprechiated.

19. Haz you been sicked?

20. Haz you been a mufthurr or fatdur?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remembering Miss Peach.......

We iz sadded that our furriend, Miss Peach, has been gone for a year. We really liked her. Her bloggy/ victorian cottage was open to furriends from all over. We shared many a good time over tea and catnip. I, Alexi, was a bridesmaid at her wedding. Such a good and loving cat.  We iz sad for her people, Mom Laura and Lapdaddy. You will always be remembered Miss Peach !!

Ten questions on Tuesday

 Hi All, 
We haz not played Ten Kweschuns on Toosday in a loooong time- YEERS in fact. So we decided to play for the next several weeks. We tag Truffle, Brulee, Miles and Samy Meezer to play! All kits or woofies feel free to take as a meme and answer on your blog. Enjoy!

1. What type of animal is your pet? 

2. Male or female?

3. Are they a specific breed? 

4. Why did you choose that specific type of pet?

5. What is your pet's name? 

6. How did they get their name?

7. What does your pet look like?

8. How old is your pet? 

9. How long have you had them? 

10. Where did you get them from?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black cat day! Femme Friday!

Alexi: Mia just tolded me that she wanted to pawticipate in black cat  day. Mombean told Mia she was too young to go on the great chick-hen caper. So Mia decided she wanted to do some blogging and asked me if she could a post about black cat day. I agreed. sigh....... I am such a push over for a cute kitten.

Mia: Fanks Alexi. I appreciate you letting me on your bloggy for a day. As the youngest -and dare I say- cutest Rusian Black at da castle, most of the pics will be of -MOI!

Ok, so we start with a pic-chur of my momma Olivia with of all us cute babies- just one day old. I am one of the black kittens.

In these two  pictures we are about a month old.

 The whole gang including Momma Olivia eating. 

 Black kittens playing and resting 

A pic-chure of me (with two white whiskers) and my sister, Priscilla, with several white whiskers.

Me at my first show. I am just 4 months old I loved being held by someone who just came by to visit. 
I loved being held. I did well placing in several finals. 


               Recent pictures of MOI! Aren't I a purty girl!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New cat bloggers......hopefully!

Hi All!
Mombean has been trying to have some our kittens new famibulees start blogging about der wonderful krasota kittens. Well, one  mom bean has done just that. Please go over to der mombean's bloggy and give Gabriel a big Cat Blogosfeer welcome. Gabe is a Russian Black and a son of Olivia. Bella is a half sister to Gabe having the same momma cat, Olivia. Der mombean plans on letting them  on her blog as guest bloggers occasionally but we finks they needs their own bloggy!