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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten Kweshuns on Toosday! MEME!!!

OOOOPSIE! Mombean nearly forogotted about Ten Kweshuns on Toosday!
Anyway, we thought we would start this as a MEME! YAY! For those of you who have not pawticipated in a meme, someone starts it and answers the questions  and then either you are *tagged* or anyone can play along on their blog. Since we don't get many bisitors, anyone can play along just answer the questions on your blog. Have fun!!

1. What type of animal is your pet?  Well, actually I have two hooman pets but I am a cat! Silly hoomans! we have THEM as pets!

2. Male or female?  One of each but I am a spayed female.

3. Are they a specific breed?  No but I am a Russian Blue.

4.  Why did you choose that specific type of pet?  Well, they chose me but I would choose them as they are good hoomans!

5. What is your pet's name?  Well, they don't want that info on the inner webs! My name is Alexandra Dasha. But efurryone calls me Alexi or Lexi bexi.

6. How did they get their name?  Well, their parents named them.  *I* named myself as I am so cute- how could I be anything other than Alexi????

7. What does your pet look like?  Well, they are not particularly pleasing for hoomans so I will describe myself. GORGEOUS cat with short, thick silvery-gray fur and EMERALD GREEN eyes!

8. How old is your pet?  They are OLD for humans but I am 10 years young!

9.  How long have you had your pets?  Well I have lived with them for about 10 years now. Think I will stay!

10.  From where did you get your pet?  I have no idea!  How effur I was born in Georgia and now live in South Carolina. They got me as an adorable 4 month old kitten.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Foreffur Friend Friday!

Hi All,
We iz sad ofur the loss of some of our furriends bof hooman and feline this week. Mombean has been buzy with ofur stuff (or so she tells me...... nefur know wif deez beans).   We deecided that we would post  about any dearly departed furiens on Fridays and call it "Foreffur Furriends Friday!"

This week, some good furriends lost loved ones- starting with the bean. We is sending lots of hugs and kitteh kisses to  our furriends!

                                             next a  kitteh and blogger of the bloggsyfear!

LOTS of hugs, and kitteh kisses to bof famubilies as we iz sad with our furriends over their loss.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Olivia update!

Hi All!
Mombean gotted more pic-shurs of Olivia from her new beans. She seems to be doing very well! We iz sooo happy  cuz all kittehs deserve a home where they can be adored and loved. Not that we did not give Olivia lots of love at da castle. Howeffur, she did have a couple kitties she did not like. So she is happier being an adored only cat!

Here are the latest pic-shurs that Mombean gotted yesterday! Purrfect purrthday present!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy birthday Mombean

Today is Mom bean's birfday!  YAY!  Efurryone please stop by to wish her a happy birthday!

Gabby says, "I luv you!"

Galletta says Ai luv yooo.  Chek owt my bloggie!

Midnight sez "I love you!"

Alexi says "I love you!"

Alexi, Gabby, Mia, Teddy, Galletta, Midnight, BJ, Veronica, and of course, Blue Cat Man.