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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy like Sunday morning

I"m still tuckered out from my birthday party as are we all.  Thanks furry one for making my birthday super memorable!

Now, back to our naps!  Y-a-a-a-wn.....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Alexi's Purthday Partay

Hi All,
In case anyone wants to drop by this afternoon or evening,we have some foods for you to nom!
Let's start wif da meets!

Chick- hen! Hunny roasted! YUMMY!

                                                                  Sah-mun! Our purrsonal fav!

Ham!! For you-know-who! 

Lamb! Cuz it's Eester see-zun!

 Next are da beverages!

Milk for all underage kitties! 

Tea for the lady cats! 

Brandy and nip cigars for all the fellas! 


For any beans who want to join us ! I here day they likes chocolate! Well our beans do! 

Alexi's 10th birthday day--Alexi wakes up

::::Alexi wakes up, then walks into the living room::::

Annie, Mia, Veronica, Olivia, Galletta, Gabrielle, Teddy, A. J., B. J., and Midnight all shout,

Blue Cat Man and Mombean walk in and everyone sings:

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Alexi
Happy birthday to you!"

Then every one recites their favorite  Cat Blogosphere birthday poem:

Guess what day this is,
It's Alexi's birthday,
What a day for  a birthday
Let's all have some cake!

Annie says, "Today's party will begin later", :::points to sleeping beans:::, but we'll show the bloggiefear some photos of you over the years, first.

Alexi says, "Oh, noes!!!"

Everyone else says, "Oh, yes!"

Galletta says,  "O hai!"

Everyone shouts, "HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, ALEXI!!!"

Alexi living strong!

Alexi professional shot

Alexi at about a year old.

Alexi as a kitten

Alexi and Annie with their babies sharing nursing duties

Alexi professional head shot 

 Alexi trying to bake a cake

Alexi as kitten fast asleep

Alexi the kitten

Alexi having fun!

 Alexi and Annie, best buddies

Alexi in a basket

Alexi contemplative shot

Beans are preparing food!  Check back before long!