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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mia's girls!

Here are a couple of pics of Mia's two girl kittens. Very cute! They are three weeks and two days old.

  Pic of Momma Mia and both girls. 

One of the girls.

 Same kitten.......... we think.

The other girl. 

 What an adorable face! 

Teddy update!

 Our Russian Blue male, Teddy, was neutered  this past Tuesday, Dec. 11th.  His surgery went well. He has been resting and eating since he came home.  He has a new home waiting for him come January!  Pics of him tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Midnight is one of our Russian Blacks. He is a  7 year old neutered male.  As you can see he is a big fella but a sweet boy. His eye color is more green that seen in these photos. It is NOT gold. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My last post to the CB. The reasons why.

I thought perhaps I should just leave and not mention any reasons why. Then I realized people have left  the CB and  I sometimes wonder why- because no reason is given. It is sad when people leave so I thought I needed to do one last post to provide reasons as to why I am leaving the CB.

Well, I guess I started noticing the changes in the CB over the last year or two. It was not as much as fun.  People did not visit blogs as much and some people just dropped out of sight with no word.   After ML's illness and self-imposed sabaatical started, the CB really began to change. So few people sent any noos. And when they did, it was usually sad news about the death of a cat. While I realize many people  genuinely grieve over their cats, it was beginning to be too much for me to visit the CB main page and have it read like the obituary page of a newspaper. Argh... way too sad!! If it was not the obituaries, there were at least one if not two auctions going at a time. Again, I realize the need for the auctions, but has anyone thought how it looks for there to be auctions on the CB home page.  No? let me tell you how it looks to me. Like anyone with a cat can just send in a message for a need  and voila -an  auction is posted. Free Money if you go to the CB and send in a message saying you have a need!  Is that how we want to be represented to the world? As the place where one can send a message and get an auction going?? I doubt it. Obits used to be rare events as did auctions. It  was NEWS when someone was in genuine need. It was NEWS when a beloved 'cat blogger' died.

With the growth of the CB, there will now be no weeks without the news that a cat of a blogger has died somewhere in the CB world. I am not saying that the CB should not recognize that but does it really need to be on the home page? There are plenty of links to other pages. Why not make a link to "Rainbow Bridge" page for people to set up memorials or links to their posts about a beloved cat? If you want to know if a kitty has died, you can check that page.

Also, I believe the auctions should be moved to a page of their own so they are not on the home page. The home page should be news that happened that day. There is no need to keep an announcement up for more than a day unless it is about a party/happening that needs to be announced over several days in advance so people will know where and when. If you want to know if an auction is running, then you can check the auction page. In fact, I thought there was  going to be an auction page but I gather I was misinformed.

 I will say that the  proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" is when both my  husband and I sent news of Mia's kittens  several times including a comment to the noos section of the CB page.  We waited patiently for the news to appear. We contacted people with the news. We posted at our own blog about it. Yet, the news of Mia's kittens did not appear. When it finally did appear over a week later, it was  below a rather nasty message from Mog:

A note to those that email stuff to the noos, please include a link. I do not know all the kitties nor do I have time to hunt down all comments and links left in Mr Linky to find one. KC and ML will be back in January.

Now, If we had not  given links as well as posted comments which always have a link to the person/blog that sent it, we could understand that comment. Alas, we did indeed give links to  our blogs and my comment in the news section did indeed have a link to our blog.  No need to do any thing more than click on the link above my comment. It is that easy!! Yet,  during this time, news/obits continued to be posted on the CB home page making me wonder if it was just our news that was not being posted???? SO i would send another message announcing the good news of Mia's kittens. 

If Mog does not have the time on a daily basis to post news to the CB homepage, perhaps that  task could be given to someone else. If Mog does not want to do this (ie keep up the CB homepage) then please find someone else who will want to do this willingly. 

For those bloggers who know us on FB, see ya round on FB! . Please note- all are welcome to visit our blogs. They are still up. My/Alexi's blog has changed focus to the cattery. G's blog remains his and he can do with it what he wants. I suspect it will remain but G does not post regularly as his typist is busy with work. 

I hope this explains things. 

Friday, November 30, 2012


Since the new focus of this blog is our cattery, I thought I would take the time to introduce some of our cats to a new audience.

Teddy is our only breeding male at the moment. He will be neutered soon as his daughter is a new mom. Here are several pictures of him. Enjoy!

Update: He will neutered soon. December 11th. We hope he will join his new family in the new year! We are so happy for Teddy!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Searching on Sunday!

Momma Mia is good mama. When we returned from our thanksgiving trip to visit family, we wanted to check on her and the babies. As she dashed out the door, we went into their room to check on the babies. Here is what we found in their nest.

Uh oh! Where are the babies? Momma Mia! 
Where are your babies??


Where could they be?? Not in this corner! 

Momma Mia found them!! What a good momma!! 

Here they are ! Sleeping soundly in the corner!

Ah!! Such sweet babies. 
Look at how big they are at almost 5 days old !

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Femme Friday! Momma Mia!

 Oh Hi!
Did you guess Mia's good news? If you guessed that she is pregnant, you are correct! Mia is going to be a momma. We are so excited! She should be due soon- in about a week.  We expect blue kittens and black kittens as the sire is a blue male.

Here are pics of the prospective parents:



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Hai! We haz sum wunderful NOOS for this Wednesdai!  
Here are some pics of Mia as clues! 

Can you guess Mia's good news? 
Answer on Femme Friday!! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Frootbat Friday!! Show me some eers!

Hi All,
I thought I would show you my ears or as it is called in the cat fancy- ear set.

Here are a couple of  pictures of me as a kitten.

In this picture, I am  about 5 months old. Good jumper from the start!

Here I am slightly older at about 10 months old 

Here I am at about a year old. 

  Here I am as a senior cat!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LIVE STRONG Today and always!

We is remembering some of our furriends today who have gone to the bridge because of the *big C*.

First off is our beloved Annie of da  Castle. She was a grate cat. We all luvved her especially Mombean!! I wuz her bestest furriend for years! I miss Annie.... sigh.......  She had squamus sell carceenoma on her face. It eventually interfered with her eating. So sad.... Here are lovely pics of her.

Annie at the bridge. 

Here we are sharing a bed soon after Annie came to da Castle.

Another furriend gone due to the *big C* 
Sweet Praline is another furriend and fellow South Carolina cat  that has died of the *big C*

CB withdrawal!!

Hey  All,
Mombean is going into searious cat bloggysfear wifdrawul. Sigh. These beans- what small and uninteresting lives they have.  They shuld be more like us  cats. What it not to like about a life where you have slaves do your bidding, three meals a day, all the sleep and playtime a kit culd want?  Sounds good to me. Why is it necessary to meet stwangers on the innerwebs for *talk*? how weeerd!!

Think I will take a nap...............

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten Kweshuns on Toosday! MEME!!!

OOOOPSIE! Mombean nearly forogotted about Ten Kweshuns on Toosday!
Anyway, we thought we would start this as a MEME! YAY! For those of you who have not pawticipated in a meme, someone starts it and answers the questions  and then either you are *tagged* or anyone can play along on their blog. Since we don't get many bisitors, anyone can play along just answer the questions on your blog. Have fun!!

1. What type of animal is your pet?  Well, actually I have two hooman pets but I am a cat! Silly hoomans! we have THEM as pets!

2. Male or female?  One of each but I am a spayed female.

3. Are they a specific breed?  No but I am a Russian Blue.

4.  Why did you choose that specific type of pet?  Well, they chose me but I would choose them as they are good hoomans!

5. What is your pet's name?  Well, they don't want that info on the inner webs! My name is Alexandra Dasha. But efurryone calls me Alexi or Lexi bexi.

6. How did they get their name?  Well, their parents named them.  *I* named myself as I am so cute- how could I be anything other than Alexi????

7. What does your pet look like?  Well, they are not particularly pleasing for hoomans so I will describe myself. GORGEOUS cat with short, thick silvery-gray fur and EMERALD GREEN eyes!

8. How old is your pet?  They are OLD for humans but I am 10 years young!

9.  How long have you had your pets?  Well I have lived with them for about 10 years now. Think I will stay!

10.  From where did you get your pet?  I have no idea!  How effur I was born in Georgia and now live in South Carolina. They got me as an adorable 4 month old kitten.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Foreffur Friend Friday!

Hi All,
We iz sad ofur the loss of some of our furriends bof hooman and feline this week. Mombean has been buzy with ofur stuff (or so she tells me...... nefur know wif deez beans).   We deecided that we would post  about any dearly departed furiens on Fridays and call it "Foreffur Furriends Friday!"

This week, some good furriends lost loved ones- starting with the bean. We is sending lots of hugs and kitteh kisses to  our furriends!

                                             next a  kitteh and blogger of the bloggsyfear!

LOTS of hugs, and kitteh kisses to bof famubilies as we iz sad with our furriends over their loss.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Olivia update!

Hi All!
Mombean gotted more pic-shurs of Olivia from her new beans. She seems to be doing very well! We iz sooo happy  cuz all kittehs deserve a home where they can be adored and loved. Not that we did not give Olivia lots of love at da castle. Howeffur, she did have a couple kitties she did not like. So she is happier being an adored only cat!

Here are the latest pic-shurs that Mombean gotted yesterday! Purrfect purrthday present!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy birthday Mombean

Today is Mom bean's birfday!  YAY!  Efurryone please stop by to wish her a happy birthday!

Gabby says, "I luv you!"

Galletta says Ai luv yooo.  Chek owt my bloggie!

Midnight sez "I love you!"

Alexi says "I love you!"

Alexi, Gabby, Mia, Teddy, Galletta, Midnight, BJ, Veronica, and of course, Blue Cat Man.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rosy basket for new cat bloggers......

It cans be hard to keep up wif all the new blogging kittehs and der beans. So we decided to welcome all those new cat bloggers wif a rosee baskit of flowrs.  Enjoy and please take "home" to your bloggy. And a meowy welcome from all of us at da Castle! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten kweshuns on Tooosday MEME!

We woold like to hafs lots of kits play this meme. For those  who don't know how to play along with a meme, just copy the kweshuns and answer on your own bloggy.   Have funs!

11. Indoor or outdoor ?

12. Does you have a nickname?

13. Describe yourself in seven words or less. Or better yet have your hooman typist do it!!

14. Is you like a member of the family?

15. What are some favorite toys that you play with ?

16. Be honest...... does your hooman play wif  YOUR toys?

17. What is your favorite toy?

18. What is your favorite sleepin' position? fotos always apprechiated.

19. Haz you been sicked?

20. Haz you been a mufthurr or fatdur?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remembering Miss Peach.......

We iz sadded that our furriend, Miss Peach, has been gone for a year. We really liked her. Her bloggy/ victorian cottage was open to furriends from all over. We shared many a good time over tea and catnip. I, Alexi, was a bridesmaid at her wedding. Such a good and loving cat.  We iz sad for her people, Mom Laura and Lapdaddy. You will always be remembered Miss Peach !!

Ten questions on Tuesday

 Hi All, 
We haz not played Ten Kweschuns on Toosday in a loooong time- YEERS in fact. So we decided to play for the next several weeks. We tag Truffle, Brulee, Miles and Samy Meezer to play! All kits or woofies feel free to take as a meme and answer on your blog. Enjoy!

1. What type of animal is your pet? 

2. Male or female?

3. Are they a specific breed? 

4. Why did you choose that specific type of pet?

5. What is your pet's name? 

6. How did they get their name?

7. What does your pet look like?

8. How old is your pet? 

9. How long have you had them? 

10. Where did you get them from?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black cat day! Femme Friday!

Alexi: Mia just tolded me that she wanted to pawticipate in black cat  day. Mombean told Mia she was too young to go on the great chick-hen caper. So Mia decided she wanted to do some blogging and asked me if she could a post about black cat day. I agreed. sigh....... I am such a push over for a cute kitten.

Mia: Fanks Alexi. I appreciate you letting me on your bloggy for a day. As the youngest -and dare I say- cutest Rusian Black at da castle, most of the pics will be of -MOI!

Ok, so we start with a pic-chur of my momma Olivia with of all us cute babies- just one day old. I am one of the black kittens.

In these two  pictures we are about a month old.

 The whole gang including Momma Olivia eating. 

 Black kittens playing and resting 

A pic-chure of me (with two white whiskers) and my sister, Priscilla, with several white whiskers.

Me at my first show. I am just 4 months old I loved being held by someone who just came by to visit. 
I loved being held. I did well placing in several finals. 


               Recent pictures of MOI! Aren't I a purty girl!