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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Olivia's kittens- Pictures!

Hi All, Mombean hahzed finally gotten to posting pics of Olivia and babies. Some can be graphic so perhaps young beans should not view some of the pics. Olivia's kittens are a week old today. Mombean will have pics of the week old kittens up tomorrow. Today enjoy the first moments of Olivia and babies together. Enjoy!

First kitten arrived wednesday afternoon! No more kittens were born for over 19 hours!

Then kitten #2, a blue, arrived on Thursday morning.

Then Olivia hadded two kittens, one black and one blue, to love and nurse.

Then #3 kitten, a blue, came along about an hour later and there were 3 kittens to love!

Finally, kitten #4, another black, came along on Thursday morning.

Olivia happily resting with her brood of 4 kittens!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Grand weekend!

Hi All,

While the beans did forgetted Galletta's puurrrrthday, don't let him fool ya! He enjoys those cat shows. Lots of time for naps and you get stroked and played with by several strangers. I nefur enjoyed cat shows much as I am a shy cat but G? He lovs for all beans to recognize how handsome he is! Pictures of G at the cat show are on his bloggie. Sorry, the piccys were taken by Dadbean with his iPhone so a bit fuzzy.

Here is the report from the TICA cat show:
There were 6 judges, 3 All breed and 3 speciality. He did well and getted an award in all 3 speciality finals. He gotted 2 4th best LH alter wins and a 3rd best LH alter wins. Mombean finks that he has enough points and mebbe enough final placements for his Grand Championship Alter title. So she will send off the form and wait and see what happens. She is about 90% certain but is not absolutely positive. Anyway, G did just grand on Sunday. Now on to the the Russians.

WELL....... Teddy and Katie did not do as well as their was another Russian Blue cat there at the show. And what a cat he is- a International Winner Supreme Grand Champion. Teddy was placed 2nd best of breed by 4 judges and 3 rd by 2 judges. Katie was placed 3rd best of breed by 4 judges and 2nd best of breed by 2 judges. Obviously the SGC cat was best of breed in all 6 rings. Even so the SGC Russian Blue male did not earn a final in every ring. Not such a good show for the Russians. Mombean and Dadbean were kept busy taking our 3 cats to the various judges.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Femme Friday!- OLIVIA

Hi All,
Mombean saided we have happy news to announce and since itz gotta do with one of the girlies, wez deeded to announce it on Femme Friday.

HAPPY NEWS! Olivia has kittens !!!1 YEAH we love bebeez ! Olivia hadded 4 kittens yesterday- 2 blue, boy and girl and 2 black. boy and girl. We plans on posting pictures of mom and cute babees soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The REST of the story.......

As we promised, today we tell the rest of Molly's story, Take it away Mombean!

Mombean: Thanks, Alexi. OK on to the rest of Molly's story. First thing we need to tell you is that Molly was pregnant. In fact she was near her due date when she died. Now, on to what happened.

Molly woke us up early that morning. We knew she was due soon.... so in anticipation of her giving birth, I moved her to the room we use as a nursery. I kept checking on her expecting her to deliver her kittens. She had had kittens before so we did not expect any problems. In fact I planned on just checking on her as I usually do because she usually has her kittens without any problems. Well after about an hour and an a half and no kittens, I began to think something was not quite right. She did cry some which she normally does not do when having kittens. I called the emergency vet and left a message. The emergency vet for this area is also our usual vet. The vet on call then calls back. Well, 15 mins. later there was a phone call but the person hung up. We checked the number. Hmmm? it was from our vets office. Fortunately, the vet called back about 10 minutes later. This time, Dadbean picked up the phone. He gave me the phone and I began explaining what was going on with Molly. It was obvious that the vet was not concerned about Molly. She told us that it would not be good to interrupt her labor. At which point, I said, I am NOT sure she is IN labor. She had had a few contractions but not like she normally does when in labor. The vet still refused to believe me. It was not until I held up the phone so she could hear Molly's cries from down the hall that the vet begin to realize that something maybe not quite right. So after 10-15 minutes of discussing the situation with vet, she FINALLY agreed to see us and told us to come to the vet clinic. So we gathered up Molly and drove to the vet clinic- about a 10 minute drive from our house.

We got to the vet clinic in about 5-10 minutes. We waited .... and waited .... AND WAITED ! We waited for a total of half an hour !!
When the vet drove up, she rolled down the window and talked to us through the window. She told us that she had tried to call us and we did not answer. Well, she had NOT tried to call us. [However, Dadbean did find two "hang ups" from the vet on his OFFICE answering machine as the machine saves the number. Why she thought a librarian would be at work that early in the morning ???? Who knows?? Must also say that there were NO messages on our home phone either!] We got out of our car ready to take Molly inside. She told us then that she could not see Molly as we "had not paid your bill". She told us that this was "policy" and she "had no choice. My hands are tied". We told her that Bill would gladly go to an ATM and get whatever money was needed to pay the bill. We really wanted Molly to be seen as she was in pain and was crying more. I KNEW something was NOT right by this time. Again, she said that her hands were tied and she could not see us. She told us to go to the emergency vet in Elgin. At that point she drove off like a bat out of h%$#. My last words to her as she drove off was that she had just lost a client.

Well, at that point we were wondering what to do as it was now about an hour later from when we first called the vet. We went home and called another vet in town that we knew. (He is NOT the emergency vet but does a have a practice in town). Called and got their answering service. He called us back within 10 minutes. I discussed the situation with him. He agreed that going to the emergency vet in Columbia was the best thing to do. SO off I go to the emergency vet with Molly. Dadbean stayed at home as he had to go to work. The drive to Columbia is about a hour and a half. I got to the address where I thought the emergency vet was located. Well, the emergency clinic had MOVED! Fortunately there was a note on the door with the new address. So off I go again with Molly. It took another 10-15 minutes to get the emergency clinic. When I got there, the staff took Molly immediately. They tried to revive her with CPR and fluids. Alas, to no avail. She died about 7 o'clock that morning- about three hours from when I first called our vet. When I talked to the emergency vet in Columbia, he mentioned the possibility of a twisted uterus (uterine torsion). He also recommended that a necropsy be done on Molly so we know what happened to cause her death. Well, it was agonizing coming home without our beloved Molly. It was also agonizing waiting on the results of the necropsy. The results of the necropsy came two weeks later. The necropsy showed that she had not just one but TWO twists of the uterus. The kittens were fully formed with hair (as we expected as she was near her due date). However the twists in the uterus had cut off their blood supply so they died in utero. We are sad that Molly had to die in this manner. We believe she could have been saved with a hysterectomy had our vet been willing to see her.

I must mention at this point, that this practice has three vets. The vet that refused to see Molly was one of the younger vets and is not very experienced being a recent vet school graduate. We did talk to the senior vet in the practice about the situation. To put it mildly, we are NOT pleased with the situation.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering September 11,2001

We will never forget Setembir 11, 2001. Mombean went to go teach her classes as usual that day. When she was done teaching her classiz, she checked an online rose forum (back when she was more into roses than cats!!). They were discussing what had happened in NY. Mombean could not believe that a plane had actually struck two buildings in NY. She tried going to a news website but it was so busy she could not get in. Anyway, the announcement came that the college was canceling classes for the remainder of the day. So Mombean drove home. It was eeeeeery to not hear planes flying overhead. Where we used to live and Mombean used to worked is in the flight path of a nearby small but international airport. Mombean spent the remainder of the day outside in her garden tending the roses and the other plants. She and dadbean watched the evening news as more horrid details came out about the plane crash at the pentagon and in Pennsylvania. What an oddly horrid day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy birthday Mombean!

Yesterday was Mombean's purrfday. Blu Cat Man swept her away for a fun day in Charleston!! Wish we could have gone, too!!! They went on a boat ride and we don't like that much water. Mebbe it was a good thing we didn't go.

From all of us at Krasota Castle,