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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering September 11,2001

We will never forget Setembir 11, 2001. Mombean went to go teach her classes as usual that day. When she was done teaching her classiz, she checked an online rose forum (back when she was more into roses than cats!!). They were discussing what had happened in NY. Mombean could not believe that a plane had actually struck two buildings in NY. She tried going to a news website but it was so busy she could not get in. Anyway, the announcement came that the college was canceling classes for the remainder of the day. So Mombean drove home. It was eeeeeery to not hear planes flying overhead. Where we used to live and Mombean used to worked is in the flight path of a nearby small but international airport. Mombean spent the remainder of the day outside in her garden tending the roses and the other plants. She and dadbean watched the evening news as more horrid details came out about the plane crash at the pentagon and in Pennsylvania. What an oddly horrid day!

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