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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten questions on Toosday!

Here are 10 more questions on Toosday! These are questions 11-20 out of the original 52 questions.

11. Indoor or outdoor pet? Indoor
12. Does your pet have a nickname? Yes, Lexi, Sexy Lexi, Bexi, Flex, and Grandma!
13. Describe your pet in 7 words or less: Beeutiful, smart, sweet, cuddly, friendly, intelligent, and a great mama!!
14. Are they like a member of the family? Definitely. She is our first show cat so a very special girl to us.
15. What kinds of toys does your pet play with? When Alexi was younger, she would play retriever with mice or other small toys.
She still loves fevver toys and mice. Also loves anyfing with cat nip. Luvs to play wif water.
16. Be honest…do you play with your pet’s toys? NO! However, I will play with her with the toys. She LUVS that.
17. What is their favorite toy? Alexi's favorite toys are the fevver tease wands and mice (cat-nip filled and regular mice).
18. Does your pet have a favorite napping spot? Yes, she loves to nap in her basket. See picture below.

19. Does your pet have an interesting sleeping position? She loves to lay on her back or curled up in her basket.

20. Has your pet ever been really sick? No, other than a few upper respiratory infections she has been very healthy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Femme Friday!

Hi! It is Annie's turn for Femme Friday. Annie is the second oldest girl at the Castle. She is only a few months younger than me. Annie just turned 8 years old earlier this month. OK, take it away, Annie.

Annie: Thanks, Alexi.

Here is a picture of myself and Alexi sharing a bed shortly after I joined the Castle Cats.

Here is my birthday picture all dolled up by Zoolatry hooman, Ann.

Me watching over all the goings on at the Castle.

A proffezhinal pitcher of my gorgeeus face.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten questions on Tuesday!

Hey All, Mombean was sented some really neat questions (52) about pets for those beans that we own. She will be posting all 52 questions over time. Here is the first group of ten and Mombean's answers in Italics. Please feel free to play along on your blog.

1. What type of animal is your pet? Cats. OF COURSE !

2. Male or female? Both. Also several spays and one neuter.

3. Are they a specific breed? Yes, Russians and one Nebelung.

3. Why did you choose that specific type of pet? I realized that my hubby to be loved green eyed gray cats. SO I looked into cat breeds that fit that description. There are two Korats and Russian Blues. I decided on the Russian Blue because there was a breeder near us that had an adult available. I wanted a Nebelung as they are the long haired versions of the Russian.

5. What is your pet's name? Too many to list. But the most *infamous* cats we have are our bloggers, Alexi and Galletta.

6. How did they get their name? Alexi got her name because I wanted a Russian name for her. Alexandra is a nice girl's name and I knew Alexi was a nickname. We had already begun to call her Alexi so it fit. Galletta was name by his first mom/breeder.

7. What does your pet look like?
Alexi is lovely shorthaired blue cat with gorgeous green eyes. You can see her pic at the top of the page. Galletta is a blue cat with medium long hair. His pic is on his blog.

8. How old is your pet? Alexi is 8 years old and Mr. G (Galletta) will be 2 in Sept.

9. How long have you had them? We have had Alexi for over 7 years (since she was 4months old) and Mr. G- for a little over a year.

10. Where did you get them from? Alexi is from a Russian breeder in Georgia. Mr. G is from a breeder in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Saturday, June 19, 2010



Yes..... Mombean knows how to count. There are indeed SEVEN kittens not six in this photo. However, think of this as a group of 6 and another cute kitten added for your viewing pleasure. This is actually two litters of kittens. The kittens with pink collars are litter mates. Enjoy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Femme Friday!

Hi All,

I decided as the oldest girl at the Castle, I should start our involvement in Femme Friday !!

I will start with some kitten pics of me for your viewing pleasure

MOI on top of a door enjoying looking DOWN on efuuryone !!

Posing as an older kitten about 8 month old in this picture.

The Musical ME !!! NO Mombean did not do this. She iz still learning Pixl tomater!!

What fun I hadded as a judge!!

Me ....... chillaxin' on the porch in my favorite place- my basket !

Hope you enjoyed my pictures !!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Furry Fighter Day!

This post is dedicated to the memory of one veery spechul Siameeze kitteh named Stormie. Stormie was a very spechul kitteh to her beans and her sisfur. Stormie developed Feline Lymphoma. She was originally diagnosed in December 2006. She lived for 18 months. I know her beans miss her very much. Her mombean has an entire website dedicated to Stormie.

Stormie, we did not know you furry well but we do know that you mombean and sisfur loved you furry much and still do.

"The strife is over, the battle is done".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meezer Colors Day!

Hi All,
Mombean iz trying to learn a new com-pooter program called Pixl-mate-er. Here is one of her first efforts with changing the background of a pic of MOI !! She hopes the green highlights my boo-tee-ful green eyes !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Annie's Puurthday Buffet and Partay !!

Welcome to Annie's Puurthday Partay and Buffet ! Please make yourselves at home and enjoy the food and each other !
For those of you who have visited the castle before-- or not, remember there are plenty of napping spots and things to do.

For starters, here is part of the Buffet table ! YUMMY!!

As you can see we have Salmon filets !

Then there is ROAST CHICK-HEN !! YUM- o!!

ROASTED LAMB for the carnivores among us !!!

CHEESE ! WOO HOO! What cat does not love cheese ??

Nip-tinis! YEAH ! NO CB party is complete without the Nip-tinis!! For Adult cats ONLY please.

Milk for those kittens that are underage !!

Champagne for celebrating ! To ANNIE! May she live a long,healthy and happy life !! Please take a glass!
Again, adult kittens only!

One of our favorite summer beverages- Iced tea with mint!

Last but not least. A beautiful cake for a bee-u-tee-ful girl ! Happy 8th Birthday, Annie!!

Happy Purthday, Annie!

Annie is 8 years old today !!! So let's all sing to her:

Happy Puurthday to you, Happy Puurthday to you, Happy Purthday, dear Annie! Happy Puurthday to YOU !!! And many more!

Mombean will setting out a birthday buffet with all sorts of yummy foods -NOM, NOM, NOM- today so watch our blog and the CB for the announcement. Since we are getting this out sort of late, Mombean decided that the puurthday buffet will be up for today and tomorrow so efurry one has a chance to drop by and wish Annie a Happy Puurthday. Since tomorrow is Meezer Colors Day, don't forget to wear them! You know we, Russians, are part Meezer from waaaaaaay back (1940's). We will be participating in Meezers Colors Day too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Support research AND honor your v-e-t !

Mombean found the above at Winn Feline Foundation website. She thought it was a really KEWL idea that you can make a donation to honor a veterinarian that has been supportive to you or your beans in time of need or sickness AND help fund research at the same time. How cool is that!!

Many of our beans hafted been sad at the loss of a beloved kith. Every week, the Cat Blogosphere news haz news of saying good bye to kittens some of whom suffered from diseases. This organization, Winn Feline Foundation, helps fight diseases in us kittens by funding research into diseases in particular, FIP and HCM. The Bria Fund helps fund research into FIP. The Ricky Fund helps fund research into HCM. Donating to these named funds is another way to fund research into these awful diseases.

Please consider giving to the Winn Feline Foundation to help fight diseases in kittehs.