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Sunday, April 18, 2010

REALLY Easy like Sunday Morning!!!

MOOOOOOM!!!!!! I thut gardening was diff-e-cult considering how hard you and dadbean work on the garden/yard. I LUV the results but isn't hard work?? Now EASY like Sunday morning TO ME means a nice LOOOOOOOONG nap in the sun preferably on the porch in one of my fav napping spots.

Enjoy the pic of me REE-LAXING on a Sunday morning!! Have a GRATE day efurrybuddy!!

Easy like Sunday morning

Mombean and Blue Cat Man have been working in the yard. They plan to do so today after going to the steeple place and wash the big metal transporters. It's a pretty day in South Carolina.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Many FANKS to efurrybuddy!

Hi All,

I just wanted to say FANKS, FANKS, and MANY FANKS!! WOWSIE! I was so SERPRIZED !! SPECHEL FANKS to Mr. G, aka Galletta, Who knew that he even liked me? I mean he loves to chase me around the house but I usually hisss back at him and then hide under the nearest piece of furniture.

It means so MUCH to me that you all threw SERPRIZE birfday party for me. Gosh, maybe I have more furiends than I thoted. It was such a good time, eating, napping, chatting, and playing with my furriends. I hope efurryone had a good time as well. Mombean is VERY pleased that we did not make too big a mess and cleened up after ourselves.

I fink she may even let me blog so more! I fink she was touched too by how many kits showed for my birfday party.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sirprize birfday partay for Alexi!

Hi, all!

Fanks for da surprise! I'm really touched by this surprise birfday party!

Here's da LAMB!!!

More lamb!!!

We continue with chick-hen

On to the ham... For Miles of course! We tries to be thoughtful.

How about Salmon filets? YUMM!

To wet your whistle, we have liquid refreshment as well. For the juniors among us...

For the southerners among us, iced tea with mint is a fav beverage when it is warm...

For the adults, how about niptinis??

And don't forget cheese for your nibbling pleasure.

Here is what part of the overall buffet table looks like... pretty yummy!

Of course no birfday party is complete without cake for the birfday girl....

and champagne for toasting to her health and beauty!

In case you still need more fun, how about a cat tree ??

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Castle !

Here is the front of the Castle. OK so it's not a real castle but hey it's home

Hear is the living room compete with comfy couches for napping, curtains for climbing and tall book cases for jumping.

This is the porch off the kitchen. Places to nap in the sun but pleez don't nap in Alexi's basket.

This is the beans bedroom complete with big comfy bed and 4 big windows. Peeze don't climb the 4 posters, Mombean gets hissed off. There is a clothes hamper in which the kittens like to play and the adults like to rest on top. We luv to watch the squirrlies and birdies,too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Alexi says Good Bye!

Good Bye All, I won't be blogging anymore as no one comes to visit and G boy has his own bloggy now. It was fun.