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Monday, December 12, 2011

Chrissymouse eve pawty!

YAY! we luvz a GRATE pawty! This is wondyfull pawty on Chrissymouse eve!
We likes going!  Mombean, can you help out at the Chrissymouse eve party on Chatzy ??? PUH-LEASE !!!!!!


Good morning!  Efurryone has left the party and our beans will be cleaning up today.  Those who spent the night in the castle will be treated to breakfast before leaving for their homes. We are glad that efurryone had a good time. Same time next year?   Happy Advent and Merry Chrissymouse!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bright Star of Bethlehem!

This song was sung and composed by Melanie McMillan, furriend of our beans. In fact, she visited the castle yesterday and played with the kittens.  Mombean loves it and thinks it will become a Christmas Classic at the Castle. Since Gaudete Sunday is all about rejoicing that the lord is near, Mombean thought efurryone might enjoy hearing it.

So here is the video of "Bright Star of Bethlehem" sung by composer Melanie McMillan. Enjoy this wonderful piece of Christmas music!

Gaudete Sunday Paw-tay!

Rejoice! For the Paw-ty has starteded!  Rose is the color of the day. So if you wore rose/pink , please send us a pic and we will make sure efurryone can see your gorgeous self. Many FANKS to  the hooman of Zoolatry for our very spechul Rosey header for today's pawtay!

   Lets start with the FUDS!! YUMS! and NOMS!!! To start our buffet,

                On closer inspection, you will see........

Salh- mun!! YUMMMY!!

Roasted leg of Lamb! 

Honey roasted Chick-hen

                                    HAM! For you Miles!!!

                        Scrambled eggs and bacon!!!

Cheddar cheese 

                   Delicious fruit basket!

Champagne adds bubbles to efurry paw-tay! Adults ONLY please!

             Another Adults ONLY beverage!  Nip-tinis with dill!


        For the Man cats! Brandy and catnip cigars !!!

  For the Lady cats! Hot tea! It is cold out there so warm yourself with some hot tea!

             Or if you prefer.....iced tea with mint!!

       For our younger guests!  MILK!   Lap it up bebbehs!

         To put efurry cat and kitten in a GOOD Mood! Cat nip!!

For the Chocoholics among us!!!

           Animal crackers ! No kittehs were harmed in the making of deez cookies!

Gaudete Sunday preparation!

Good morning, efurrycat!  We are preparing our Gaudete Sunday par-tay.  We look forward to seeing you at 2 p.m. until--?  Mombean will be helping Alexi, Annie and Galletta host da par-tay! We'll have lots of food and beverages for all ages.   Just remember to teleport ofur at 2:00 or any time after then.  We look forward to seeing you!