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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten kweshuns on Tooosday MEME!

We woold like to hafs lots of kits play this meme. For those  who don't know how to play along with a meme, just copy the kweshuns and answer on your own bloggy.   Have funs!

11. Indoor or outdoor ?

12. Does you have a nickname?

13. Describe yourself in seven words or less. Or better yet have your hooman typist do it!!

14. Is you like a member of the family?

15. What are some favorite toys that you play with ?

16. Be honest...... does your hooman play wif  YOUR toys?

17. What is your favorite toy?

18. What is your favorite sleepin' position? fotos always apprechiated.

19. Haz you been sicked?

20. Haz you been a mufthurr or fatdur?

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