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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday-life wifout the innernets!

Alexi says:
My Meezer Rule for today is:
Life wifout the innernets is NO FUN!

How else can we blogging kitties keep in touch?
NOTICE my pout! Mom bean and Blu Cat Man were NOT happy to find out that somthang had happened to their internet serfice. Worked yesterday then this morning- NOTHING!! YIKES! MOM BEAN ! HALLP!!!! MUST GET IT BAK! NOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in bloggysfeer withdrwal!!

Mombean's note:
Alexi, stop being so dramatic ! It was only for a few hours. After much frustration and several phone calls, AT&T decided to send out an AT&T technician. WOWSIE! Did we get lucky or what? Not only did he figure out the problem (Blu Cat Man had upgraded our service and AT&T had not yet changed the "port" so we could not get on the internet because AT&T could not recognize our computer) but the technician got the right "port" for us TODAY (was not scheduled until FRIDAY!!!) and we are upgraded to 6 megs of service ! It is a lot faster now. Also, he checked the box outside and found that our ground wire needed to be changed. Did that as well.

ALL for no charge as we are AT&T customers and the "problem" was their fault for not getting the correct port upgraded in time. WOOHOO!!

PS this is an old picture but hey how many pics of your cats near the computer do you have ??


Misha said...

I hate it when my interwebs goes down. I go into withdrawal.

us4 said...

dern internets. ours is like a snail bean says. slow. and it isnt dialups either. geesh.

glad ur back on.

Daisy said...

No inner-nets!?!? That's a disaster!

pet care tv said...

It's hard to imagine a life without internet.

PinkynAsh said...

Glad you all weren't without internets for long.

The Meezers said...

w00t!! hooray for good serfice peoples!

Elin~ said...

No innernets? I know exactly how's the feeling. In my place, the innernets always run away!

I oly have 1 photo beside the lappy!~


Misha said...

Your bout has started for Kitty Fight Club, Alexi!