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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One More Thing!

Misha finks I had been neglecting him. How-effur I have looked thru his archives and I found his original post abbot Tama-Chan's pregnancy. The title was Having a (Russian) Blue day. Now I thought he was going to be sad over how we can't have kittens. Nope. He is sad that he won't be the father of Tama-Chan's kittens. Sigh, even then I realized that was #2 in Misha's heart. I even signed myself, Alexi the neglected ?? girl furriend. You can check the comments to find my comment. Then all those posts about T-C and her kittens esp. her boys kittens.

I fink I realized when Misha dedicated his Valentine's post to Tama-Chan and not both of us.... Well lets say that it was likely ofur between us. This is just some explanation so you can understand how I am feeling.

Sigh, A sad and Confoozed Alexi


Daisy said...

Alexi, I am so sorry that you are sad and confoozed. This is what I think: you should make up with Misha and stay good friends with him so neither of you is sad any more. But you could also keep an open mind for other Mancats who might be interested!

The Meezers and Billy said...

oh Alexi, a broked heart is just so sad. purrrrrrrrsssssss to you sweetie!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are sorry you are so sad. I think that sometimes Male Cats are just like that. Soon you will find a Male cat who is worthy of you!

Misha said...

I don't think anything I say will help, because you've misread anything I've said so far.

I was upset at the thought of another mancat laying his paws on Tama-Chan. If you had been in the same 'situation' I would have been just as devastated.

You'll obviously never forgive me, but I do hope you'll still come and visit me now and then, because in the words of Whitney Houston "I will always luvs you".

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Alexi we haven't visited before but we saw your comment on Misha's blog and had to stop by. We think that you are right to be upset and confused. Misha is really sending lots of mixed signals - now we like Misah a lot but we think you are right on this one. There are a lot of handsome mancats out there and we think a lot of them would love a beautiful girlfriend like you - an EXCLUSIVE girlfriend like you.

Oh, and the funny thing is that the word verification is "smack", which we think you might want to do to Misha right now!