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Monday, February 15, 2010


Hi All,
Imagine my surprise when Misha's Valentine's Day post did not mention me. HMMPH? Just 'cause my beans have been busy- pffft! The BIG DUMP-O!!! OUCHHH! That hurt! Misha you is croo-el. I iz so sad! I thot we had shared a heritage and probably some distant relatives. NOPE!

Us plump middle aged matrons can't compete with a sexy young thang like Tama-Chan. Iz not fair. YOO knew i was past my mommy days.

Perhaps I shoold make sure Cosmo is SUPER grumpy for awhile???
Enjoy the picture of a younger, slimmer me. You won't be seeing many pics of me from now on!!


The Meezers and Billy said...

oh Alexi, you is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Harry Spotter said...

Don't be sad, you are beautiful! it is their loss, they don't kmnow what they are missing. You are a beautiful valentine!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh no! I can't believe that he would dump you?!

Marg said...

Oh Alexi, that is so sad. There are lots of man cats here that would love to be friends with you. You are very pretty. Maybe you and our Black can become great friends.

Sweet Praline said...

Alexi, I read this on Misha's post. I think he was just worried because he hadn't heard from you. Hopefully, the two of you can work this out because you are beautiful together.

Alexi said...

Sweet Praline,
Notice Misha's post is in the singular: the ONE i love.
I can't help it if my beans haf been bizee and then gotten the sicks. Even Blu Cat Man's Mombean is sicky and in the hospital rite now. Talk about kicking a girl when she is down. Sigh!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, Alexi, we are sad for you and your beans. We left Misha a note. Sometimes things happen and our humans can't help us for some reason. We're sure you'll have suitors standing in line.

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh dont be sad I think you are beautiful and I would love to be your valentine.. HUgs Gj xx

Misha said...

Oh my darling, I thought you didn't love me anymore because I hadn't seen you for so long! You must tell your beans not to stand in the way of true love! (at least it got them to help you do a blog post).