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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purrin' hard for our buddies

Mom Laura's apartment was completely destroyed in a fire Friday 4/11/08. She lost everything and is currently homeless. We purr and pray for Lilly Lu, Mu Shue & Iris, Mom Laura and her twins during his horrible time. Go to their bloggie, or the Cat Blogosphere for updates.

We are purring and praying as hard as we can for you all.


Anonymous said...

It's so very frightening. We've been purring and praying for them since yesterday. We hope to hear of their safety soon.

Anonymous said...

We're purring Z& praying for them to. It's very scairty.

Mickey said...

We are purraying very hard for them. We hope for a miracle.
This is just so sad :(
Purrs Mickey

Daisy said...

I am purring and purring my very hardest for them, too.