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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Please purr for these furriends!

Giddy Kitty, below, who lives with his grandfather, Charlie, asks us all to please remember Taz's mommy and the safe return of Zoey to home.  Please note the graphic to the left. Thanks to KC for the graphic.  


Mickey said...

We are purring for Zoey and Angel & Taz's Mom.
We want kitty power to give a happy ending !!!
Purrs Mickey

-TNChick- said...

I'm grateful for your help in spreading the word for my dog. it means a lot to me. Praying I see Zoey, again. I'll pray for Taz's momma, too.

HotMBC said...

We're purring LOTS for them.

-TNChick- said...

Thank you for your help and anything that you did including posting about her and purrs and prayers, in efforts to find her. My family is grateful to have found her today!