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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Siriusly not-so skeery Silly

Siriusly Silly entered Skeezit's Halloween contest. We hope you enjoy our entry. We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

I'm Siriusly Silly and I'm alright

I don't go out on Halloween night.
I stay in and scare my brothers
And we like to lay and lick each other.

Lick it now, Lick it now,
Now, now, now.

When time's right I look for treats
I'd rather have them than ham or meat.
I like salmon and other kinds of fish
Just place it now in my foody dish.

Chew it now, chew it now,
Now, now, now.

I like to run and to play fetch
You'll hardly ever see me wretch.

If I do, my beans hug me,
I hug them back, it's a sight to see.

Hug them now, hug, them now,
Now, now, now.

I like to wear my Halloweeny collar,
It has bats and only cost a dollar.
I look so cute, you don't have a clue
But I think I look better than you.

Look at me, look at me,
Now, now, now.

So go out now, type with your paw
To other brothers of the claw.
Go to the Blogosphere or Skeezit's Place

And enter in the Halloween Race.

Do it now, do it now,

Now now now.

Halloween, Halloween,
that's the scene.

Halloween, Halloween,
that's the scene.


Daisy said...

Hahahaha! That's a great Halloween poem you wrote! What could be better than a Halloweeny collar that has bats and only cost a dollar? You are very cute.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

What a fun poem and costume! I think your costume looks perfect on you as you are very beautiful on your own and it just accents your beauty.


Gemini said...

I like your halloween poem!

William said...

I like your collar, too!

Sassy Cat said...

Great poem. How did you ever think of that? Also wanted to let you know that I was so happy to meet you at my party on Sunday. I hope you had a great time. You sure are a good jumper and ball of yarn batter. Hope you made it home without any trouble.

Anonymous said...

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