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Thursday, October 4, 2007

October is breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month. When you've got as many breasts as I do, it's important to have them checked regularly by your vet!


Daisy said...

You are very right! My sister Pixie had a lump in one of her mammary glands a few years ago, and she had to have a biopsy. Luckily, it came out benign.

Chairman Mao said...

Yes, that's furry impawtant! And thankies fur remindin' uskitties.

And thankies so much fur your purrs and alla yur wunnerful advice! Brainball ated some extra stinky warmed inna mikrowave stinky goodness and also some Tamptayshuns and some regyoolur dry foodies -- yay! And the chickin flavured baby foodies sound like a great idea! Brainball's gettin' antibiotics and steroid pills crushed up inna extra stinky goodness and that's a superduper idea about the vitamin C, too! Thankies fur bein' so furry helpful -- you blogging kitties and yur beans are the bestest.

There'll be an update about Brainball on my bloggie soon.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!