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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cat show results

I did not get a single final at the cat show--however, I did do better than another of my own breed at the show...the other Russian was grumpy about having to be there, so the judges liked my better behavior.

Howsehold pets were shown as well as some up for adoption. They did extremely well and found new beans to take them. Amazingly one of the ones taken was a kitty born with no eyes! I'm glad they found loving homes.


Anonymous said...

Hmpft... sounds like the fix was in at that show, too. What do the judges know, anyway? At least the show helped some little ones get forever homes, otherwise it would have been pretty well useless.

Daisy said...

You were robbed! I think you deserved first place overall. But it is very wonderful that so many kitties got adopted, even the special needs kitty.

Beau said...

That is so not right! I would demand a recount! As for the adoptions, God is truly good!!