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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Desperately seeking a home for Gabby!

Hello All.
The beans are really wanting a noo  foreffur home for Gabby. Teddy, our recently neutered stud boy, is bothering her at least once or twice a day by trying to attack her. She is really skared of him and growls at him.  She just needs some new feeline buddies. Mombean feels awful as she loves Gabby very much. She is very upset and does not know what to do. Mombean has had Gabby posted as a retired friend over at FBRL twice. She has had some interest in her but then they always find a cat closer to home. Alas, Mom bean would hate to have to bring down the final curtain on Gabby.....  Mombean is very upset. Any ideas? Anyone know of  rescues that take 8 year old toothless cats? She is healthy but needs a new home. She is a lovely sweet girl who needs a home as the spoiled only cat. Here are some pics of  Gabby.

Gabby as kitten with sibling.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Does Gabby for sure have to be an only kittie? Or do you think she would work out in a home without a tomkittie?

Galletta said...

Yes, I am pretty sure she needs to be in an only kitty home.

joyd3493 said...

I would love to make this beautiful cat the only kitty in my family please email, call or text with deatails. , 8649806611. My name is Joy.

Galletta said...

Joy is not interested in an adult cat. So Gabby is still available. Please someone must know a good home for her. We are concerned because we love her sooo much.

Lindsey Austin said...

Hi I just saw your blog. I was wondering if gabby was still available. I raised a Russian blue named pistachio for the past 17 years and sadly she has gone. I am very interested in Gabby. It is just me so it will be me and Gabby. Lol please e-mail if she is available. Thank you.

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Maxine Nam - TEFL classes said...

So if Gabby is still available, where can we find you? I hope I can still see Gabby.

Maxine Nam - TEFL classes said...

So if Gabby is still available, where can we find you? I hope I can still see Gabby.

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