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Friday, August 14, 2009

Castle trashing!

Zoolatry asked the question, it's one thing to trash the house, trash the condo, trash the trash...
but are you really sure it's OK
to trash a castle???

The answer to that is YES! The beans went away and took their innernets with them so we are going to give them a grate sir-prize!

Come one, come all, come bring your teeths and claws!
Let's dance and play and throw da beans' foods away!

Let's have fun!

Thanks to KC for da grate grafick.


The Island Cats said...

Oh wow! We've never been to a castle-trashing party before! Can't be any different than a house-trashing party...only bigger!!! Okay...let us at that toilet paper roll...Ernie's real good at unrolling it...and Zoey likes to scratch up the furniture. And me?? Well, I'm famous for climbing do have screens in your castle windows, don't you???


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I have come flexing nails. I am ready to trash a castle. And I have ham for when we need a break...

Katie and Da Katz said...

Whats kin i rolls around on??
-Bootsie Woo

Kin da babiez cum? Dey iz goods at makin a mess and I kin helps dem.
-Daisy May

Ize make fings fall down!
-Katie Too

Anyfing I can tackle? Hey lets knock down that big metal guy over there...
-Maxwell Tiggur.

ummm Ize stay home...pleze pur 4 me. fanks - Mouse.

ML said...

O, we's kinda early... we jus couldn't wait to get to trashing.
It will take longer to trash... this castle is huge!
Hi effurryone, we's bringing tha Taylor CatSSSSS wif us... Auntie Deb's really sick, iffen yous get a chance, stop by hers bloggie an leafs her some purrs...
Now, lets get trashing...
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang

Everycat said...

Oooh look at those turrets!

*climbs up the tower*
*raises tail*


Now to rip up those curtains!


Whicky Wuudler

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're all here and raring to go. We've never had so much room to spread out and have fun before.

Let's gooooooooo, guys!

Artsy Catsy said...

Oh, wow, a ROYAL trashing party! And believe me, do we need to get rid of some frustrations, so count on the Artsy Catsy crew to give it our regal best trashing efforts!

Rocky & staff

Reese =^..^= said...

Hey, wait! Don't start without me!!!

The Creek Cats said...

We're here! Let's party!!!!

Daisy said...

WHOA! I never got to trash a CASTLE before! This is awesome! I brought a bag of lizards with me, we can chase them all through the castle!

Misha said...

I've been practicing knocking things off shelves. I'm ready to pawty!

Cory said...

Ok, we're getting serious now...there are 8 of us kitties and our woofie Grete and if we can't trash a castle, no one can! We each have our specialty! Momma Ellie is off to shred toilet paper, I'm going to find any fruits and vegetables and give them a whapping, Ginger is going to bunny kick stuff, Bennette is going to climb and claw the curtains, Jonesie will trash the gardens (but will feel guilty about it), Madison and Cecilia will swing from the chandeliers, Nigel will help Whickey spray everything...and of course Grete woofie will herd us all to make sure we are not slacking on the trashing! I'm hungry...where's the ham!?

Eric and Flynn said...

We're here! We brought lots of live mousies to run everywhere. While they do that we will rip up the carpets. Woohoo!

Derby said...

Castles must have dungeons! Let me at it. I can dump stuff, if you have dirt somewhere I can put my muddy paw prints on the ceiling with ceiling walking!!!

This is fun.

Fin said...

Hope I don't fall into a mote. Hm where to start... where's the TP?

Spencer said...

I wuz jes visitin another place whare a woofie dragged stuff out of a trash can all ofur. Thats whut I wanna do! Yay!

My sisfur Tenny brot sum extra wite papur to shred and Echo is gunna do his claws on a chare.

What a wreck this place is!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow, dis could not come at a better time...we really need to haf some wild fun. Um, we were here yesserday already but we think we gots losted...