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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meezer Colors day!

Hi All,
Efeen though all of us at the Castle are pedigreed cats (Russians and one Nebelung), we do have a small bit of Siamese in us because of an outcross of Russians to Siamese about 5 decades ago-- right after WW II. We have been made honorary meezers by Sammy and Miles Meezer. So we are pawticipating in Meezers Colors day! Here are the pics! Enjoy!!!

I finks the pink is a nice contrast to my gray furs and green eyes!!
I wuz a young cat not even a year old when this pic wuz taken back in 2002.

Aren't theez kittehs adorable in their blue cat bed??

How 'bout this cutie under the christmas tree on the red tree skirt??

We finks Olivia looks puurty against the red background.

She looks puurty against the blue as well. The actuel color is a medium blue
but all the light he used when taking fotos of her makes it look almost purple.
Theez fotos of Olivia wuz taken by fotografer Preston Smith whe
Olivia and da beans went to Kansas back in Febuary


The Cat Realm said...

Does your comment on our blog mean you apply for a judge position?
PLEASE if so, email us at
idareyouall at gmail dot com
Hurry - only one position is left....

The Meezers said...

oh just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Misha said...

That would explain why you all have such lovely cheekbones!

Bit disappointed there isn't a photo of you today, Alexi. I need my Alexi fix!

Egypt & the Musketeers said...

You all look very nice with the different colors, especially under the Christmas tree.

pughy said...

Stunning photo's today, just lovely.

HUgs GJ x

Karen Jo said...

Lovely photos of all you honorary Siamese. You look good with all colors, except maybe gray.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

We never knew about the Siamese CRex have Siam in our background too...but that's pretty obvious when you see our slinkiness and hear our meows