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Sunday, August 19, 2007

New fur friends

I'm looking for my new fur friends, Samantha and Tigger, also, Zippy, Sadie, and Speedy. It's such a big, big world.


The Cat Realm said...

Oh you are cute! How many of you are there? And what are your names?
Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere - you will see, this is the most wonderful place to be!!!
We are glad to have you
Karl and Anastasia (she'll come by tomorrow, she has too much of a hangover today... partied with Benjamin Fuzz and zevo calamarie...)

The Meezers said...

awww you look so cute!! stop on over to The Cat Blogsphere page there's lots of links to lots of kitties!!!

Hot(M)BC said...

*waves paws* Hi!!Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We's furry glad to meet yoo! We's added yoo to the linkies at the Cat Blogosphere and at our place! We's hafin the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos this weekend at our house, HotMBC. Stop by n meet more furriends!
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, kitty! Wow, yur cute!
Guess what? There are LOTS of cats out there fur you to meet, an most are nice. I's Victor an I's mostly nice. My sisfur Bonnie's mostly not so nice. Welcome to blogging!

Caesar and Princess said...

Hello new friends!
What are your names?
We are Caesar and Princess and we are Cornish Rex!
It is very nice to meet such nice new kitties on the innernets!

Happy day

Cheysuli and Gemini said...

Hello it's nice to meet you. We don't know any other Russian Blues so we are eager to get to know you!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We'z still here, but yoo keep looking out dat window. We bet yoo will see lots of intristing stuff.

Tara said...

We would love to be your friend too! Both of you are lovely kitties!
Tara and Kavan

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
Welcome, Krasota Castle Cats, furry nice to meet u's.
Purrs, KC

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

Nice to meet you!
We hope you have lots of fun in the Cat Blogosphere!

purrs Kashim & Othello

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi KC Cats! We saw your post for Easy Like Sunday and if you go to and leave a comment telling Sophia that you post a Easy Like Sunday Morning she'll add you to her list and you'll get some new furiends. Also, go to Cat Blogosphere and every day you have a post, you can leave you name& blog in the linky's at the bottom and we'll know to come see you. If you need any other help, just ask and you'll get pointed in the right direction.
Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere.
Your FL furiends,

Jimmy Joe said...

Ooo, you guys are a pretty blue. It's nice to meet you!
Your new buddy, Jimmy Joe